Outdoor plants

1341589267976Perennials, hardy, herbaceous plants which are intended for permanent planting will grow new leaves every year after undergoing a resting phase during the winter. Thus they are an important part of vegetation. The diverse colours, forms and structures provide a wide range of possible  





Ornamental grasses provide the greatest variety of plant species. The charm and lightness of grasses and their wide range of colours and forms enriches any enclosure, whether as ground cover or to protect privacy. Here you can find a selection of our grasses.



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Whether you are looking for Hydrangea flowers, privet, box or barberries, we offer a large selection of shrubs.







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If you require any kind of visual cover, there are several options. One of these is to plant an instant hedge. It is delivered in a practical container that is ready to use” and made of biological biodegradable material. Here you can find a selection of our instant hedges.




Acer-rubrum-Scanlon-3webFrom spring till autumn, trees create a colourful picture and provide shade. In winter, trees provide protection from cold winds. We offer a large selection of trees – from small crowned ones for the planting of enclosures right up to huge ones – to give your zoo an unmistakable face. Here you can find a selection of our trees.