Species protection

More and more people destroy nature. This has consequences: About one third of the 620000 examined species of animals and plants worldwide are threatened with extinction. The International Union for Conservation of Nature concluded this on the basis of the Red List of Threatened Species that they published in 2011. Since the 17th century, this decline of biodiversity has significantly been caused by human behaviour. Recent surveys assume that the current extinction rate of 3 to 130 species per day is one hundred to one thousand times higher than the natural value. The main reasons are obvious: the destruction of habitats, over-exploitation and illegal wildlife trade and the introduction of alien species. Moreover, climate change and environmental pollution have become increasingly significant for the extinction of species (© WWF).


What can we do?

Planttrade Winkendick provides financial support for different organizations that have a particular concern for the protection of species and for species conservation in zoological institutions. Moreover, we participate in the international herd book for blue-capped laughingthrushs. The blue-capped laughingthrush is very popular among bird-sellers. The trade and the continuing loss of habitants as a result of urbanization are threatening the conservation of this bird species immensely, so that only 250 birds are left in the wild.